9th November 2022

Are Electric Radiators Energy Efficient?

Are Electric Radiators Energy Efficient

Electric radiators and heaters are one of the most efficient sources of heat that can be used in our homes and their levels of efficiency are significantly higher than gas radiators.

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Electric Radiator Energy Efficiency

Unlike gas, where heat can be lost and wasted through pipes and walls, energy efficient electric radiators do not waste heat.

Another downside to gas-based radiators is that you make use of the entire system to heat a single radiator, this wastes excess heat in rooms where it’s not needed. An electric radiator can easily heat individual rooms by the press of a button, rather than the whole house, helping to prevent losing unnecessary heat.

In the current climate of rising bills, electric radiators can also help to reduce your energy bills by giving you better control over when your heating turns on and off, and which rooms receive more heat than others.

What Are Energy Efficiency Ratings?

We’ll have all seen energy ratings on electrical product packaging, but what do they mean? This is called an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and energy efficiency is ranked from A-G with A being the most energy efficient, and G being the least.

New electrical products may also include the rating of A+, A++ and A+++. Electric heaters with these energy efficiency ratings boast the highest levels of efficiency on the UK market.

When purchasing an electric radiator, you will want to know a products energy rating to ensure it is more efficient than your existing system. Furthermore, purchasing an electric radiator with a high EPC rating is a long-term investment, as the average lifespan of an electric radiator is 15-20 years.

Can Electric Radiators Help You Save?

Electric heaters can help to save on your energy bills. As electric radiators quickly disperse heat, they don’t need to be left on for long and can be switched off using smart controls, this reduces the amount of electric required.

Take advantage of specific zone heat targeting and only heat the area you require, rather than the whole house which costs significantly more and waste energy.

Additionally, the cost of an electric radiator is cheaper than a gas radiator. Electric radiators – such as the Rio Eco – don’t require any professional installation and are either free standing or wall mounted, allowing you to position them in key areas across your home.

Efficient Radiators by Rio Heating

If you are in the market for energy efficient electric heaters, then look no further, our Rio Eco is the solution that you’re after! The Rio Eco is a smart electric heater that boasts energy efficiency but also is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to make your home heating hands free!

If you have any questions regarding our Rio Eco electric radiator, please visit our FAQ page where we have answered a handful of questions, we may have already answered yours! If we haven’t already answered yours, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today who will be more than happy to help!

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