Frequently Asked Questions

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About Rio Heating

When will my order be delivered?

In the UK our delivery times are usually 2-3 days, for the EU its 3-4 days and for the US and Canada please allow 7-10 days.

What do I do if my delivery hasn’t arrived?

For all delivery queries please email

How do I cancel my order?

Can I return a product, exchange it or get a refund?

Heaters can be returned within 14 days of delivery if you are not completely happy with the product. If the unit is faulty and we can’t fix it we will cover delivery return costs. All other returns are at customers' cost.

How long do I have to return an item?

Our returns window is 30 days after the delivery date.

How do I arrange a replacement item?

Please email with your order number and details of your request.

About the Rio Arc heater

Can I mount the Arc on a wall?

Yes. The Rio Arc heater comes with a kit that can be used to mount the heater on the wall. It is also supplied with two aluminium feet should you choose to have it freestanding.

How much is the Rio Arc?

The Rio Arc 1500W is from £225 and the Rio Arc 2000W is from £229. ‘Please see our online shop for all prices.

What colours are available?

Rio Arc heaters are available in four colours: black, red, white and grey – so whatever your style, we’ve got a colour to suit!

How easy is the set up?

Set up is extremely quick and easy – it takes just minutes to pair the heater to a device of your choice. Once the heater is plugged in and switched on, scan the QR code that appears on the LCD display with either the Rio Heating app, Apple Homekit or any other smart home application and you’re good to go.

Do I need a WiFi connection to set up?

Yes, you will need a WiFi connection to pair your device to the Rio Arc heater.

Why should I install the Rio Heating app if I have Homekit installed?

The Rio app will make sure your heater has all the latest firmware updates.

Can I use the Rio Heating app and Homekit together?

Yes. You can use the Rio Heating app to have greater control over the device while using the Homekit app to control all your smart devices in the home.

Does the Arc require a wall thermostat?

No. One of the features that set the Rio Arc apart from standard heaters is the advanced WiFi module into the heater, meaning there’s no need for expensive or hard-to-install third-party wall thermostats.

Set Up In Seconds

  • Open & remove packaging
  • Wall mount or freestand
  • Plug in, switch on
  • Scan QR code to pair
  • Sit back & warm up

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